The Price a graphic novel
story by Andrew Sage
illustrated by Xanthe Bodington

Everyone pays it

Simon once had it all, everything he dreamed of, but it came with a price.

With the demons of his past catching up with him, he cannot hide and has no one to turn to.

Except, the darkness he faces...

Photograph of The Price


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The Price is a graphic novel written by Andrew Sage and illustrated by Xanthe Bodington.

Andrew Sage

Andrew Sage

Andrew Sage is an imaginer creating new worlds across various mediums.

Having spent many years developing software he is now focusing on his creative projects that have seen several exhibitions of photography, oil paintings and interactive digital experiences over the years.

The design of card and board games is also another one of Andrew's creative outlets and in 2007 he launched Symbotica.

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Xanthe Bodington

Xanthe Bodington

Xanthe has a passion for illustration and innovative design. She loves to find ways to immerse and engage the audience through new innovative ways and change how one can see design and creativity.

Xanthe graduated with 1st Class Honours in Communication Design from RGU in 2016.

She has worked on several collaborative and solo projects ranging from graphic novel illustration, community interactive projects around the life of bees and branding for multiple companies. After graduation, Xanthe visited Calgary in Canada as part of a creative travel award received from Aberdeen City Council.

In 2018 Xanthe graduated from the National Film and Television School after studying Graphics and Titles for Film and Television.

Other Projects

Andrew and Xanthe have collaborated on several projects together since their initial collaboration on The Price graphic novel in 2015. This was followed by an exhibition based around The Price which included photography inspired by the story, a Virtual Reality experience bringing part of the story to life, concept artwork and massive floor to ceiling prints of the first chapter.

Their next collaboration saw Andrew provide the technology elements to bring Xanthe’s BeeFriended life of bees information poster to life via touch triggered light projections of Xanthe’s animations.

Their most recent collaboration was the creation of the Group Hug interactive light installation as part of Aberdeen's 2017 Spectra Festival.

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